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Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is a female owned, full-service HVAC company. We install repair and maintain your equipment to keep your home or office healthy and comfortable year-round for over 10 years. We strive for valuable service and competitive pricing for all your residential, multifamily, and commercial HVAC needs.

In the community, I serve as President for the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association of San Diego, a non-profit that supports and advances members’ businesses in the trades. I helped founded Santee Young Professionals an entity of The Santee Chamber This group provides a platform to develop San Diego’s young business leaders through education community service, and networking I’m passionate about growing my business and making a positive impact on my community.

I do have another side of me though. I have 2 daughters, 18 and 11 that keep me extremely busy with school and sports. My husband is an electrician in the Union, who works equally hard at his own career.

My father, James Rotter, founded his HVAC Company in 1988 and paved the way for me to become the success I am. I’ve continued my father’s legacy by introducing new business practices alongside the strong work ethic he passed down to me. After my father’s sudden passing in 2009, I decided not to return to my first career in escrow and decided to continue my father’s business. With my office experience, and my ability to adapt to several client personalities – I was able to gain the trust of his existing clients, hired a trusted technician, and migrated a paper based office, to a technology based system.

More recently in 2014, I obtained my own contractor’s license and moved from my home office to an office/shop space, and now run a crew of 10 employees.

It is always hard for me to transition from my father’s story to mine. My father truly paved the way for me to successfully climb the ladder in this male dominated industry. Hard work and dedication to his clients created a good foundation, and it was up to me to capitalize on that groundwork.

I feel his energy daily, and I know he must be proud! I admire my father and recognize, with the combination of his ‘old school’ work ethic, along with my ‘new school’ way of networking and social media outlets; I have been able to turn his one-man home-shop, in to a competitive small female owned business, expanding every year.

I’m one of the few women in the heating and air-conditioning industry. As a female business owner, I understand some men and women — may feel vulnerable or confused when they need to call for heating and air-conditioning service. I’ve been there.

Each of my employees, from those in the field to those in the office, understands that customers’ comfort level and trust are our top priorities. We feel a deep responsibility to serve customers to the best of our ability — offering timely, professional and cost-effective services — as our goal is not just to complete a job today but earn clients for life.

I learned from an early age that you build a business by treating new customers like family, being honest with them, and clearly explaining options and ways to save money. We are not salespeople, but advisors who look at each situation on its own merits before recommending the solution we think is best.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I feel I must go the extra mile to earn the same respect some of my competitors are automatically afforded — and that always drives me to be the best.